Html mail with RW

Hi everybody,
I’d like to use rapidweaver to create HTML email templates to be used within our helpdesk system to send notification emails to customers. I have no idea if this is a good approach because normally an HTML page created with RW contains a lot of additional files and all CSS won’t be inline I guess. Until now I used mail designer pro from Equinux but this often creates very bad results.
Does anybody use RW in this way?

Thanks, Chris

HTML for a webpage and HTML for an email are very different beasts. I would not recommend this.

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Hi Joe, what else would you recommend? Do you have something in mind?

Hi x2ph, I use Mail D.Pro and find it great for emails and send them through Mailchimp. I researched for days looking for an alternative way, but came out empty handed. Whats the prob with MDpro?

Hi anugyan,

I’d like to use it as mail template for my help desk system (customer support).

I have several problems:

  1. I have a link variable to be used like %%mylink%%. This will be replaced with the specific ticket link of a support ticket. MD Pro prefixes this with ‘http://…’ which results in double http.
  2. The preview is different from the real result.
  3. I couldn’t find direkt upload of html files to my server.

To get something working I have to export to html, upload all files manually to my ftp server, modify the html file manually and upload it to the email template directory of my ticket system.
Also I can’t even use a round rect button with radius 3 pixels. So i have to create that somewhere else.
I can define shadows, colors and everything but no round rect with my radius corners.
I need this for our ci. Am I missing something?

Sorry, I can’t help you. My uses are straight forward email marketing for which MDpro works well. Good luck.