Empty SideBar in Baukraft theme

(Wayne) #1

This feels like a total noob question but here it is: I can’t get my sidebar to show any links. I’m trying to use the Baukraft theme, but the sidebar is completely empty. I can move the sidebar to either side just fine, but it remains empty with all my site links in the topbar (which I cannot seem to turn off?)

I can manually enter a title and content into the Sidebar using Page Inspector, but that’s all I get.

If I switch to another theme (say, Magnesium), the links on my simple site show just fine in the sidebar and there are no links in the topbar.

The preview icon for Baukraft seems to show a righthand sidebar with content in it, so I’m assuming this was going to be auto-created by RW. Was this a bad assumption?

I haven’t used RW for a while and I’m still back on version 5. But I just tried the RW7 demo and I see that it shows an empty sidebar in Baukraft as well. Is there an easy way to identify themes that auto-populate the sidebar?

(Rob Beattie) #2

When you sidebar are you talking about a vertical navigation menu?

The issue here is that Baukraft is designed to display your nav menu along the top while Magnesium is designed to display them down the side. The content you can see in the Baukraft icon preview looks like a blog page - so what you’re seeing are post archives, categories and tags.


(Wayne) #3

Yes, you’re spot on. And I guess you’ve answered my question - I need to limit my theme choices to the ones with vertical nav menus.

(Rob Beattie) #4

And choose a modern, responsive theme - which Magnesium isn’t.

If you’re looking for a good solid theme with a vertical navigation, Wilderness is a good one IMHO, as is Paramount.

Best of luck!


(Wayne) #5

Thanks for the tips. Wilderness does look pretty nice and even seems to work fairly well in my old RW 5. (It says it works in RW 6 or later. The demo seems to work in 5.2 but has navigation disabled, so it’s a little tough to verify.)

I wasn’t sure what you meant by responsive, but I get it now.

(Rob Beattie) #6

Sorry. Yes, it’s a theme that’s designed to change its layout and menu dynamically when viewed on tablets and smartphones. Given how may visitors view your site on mobile devices, this is a really important consideration when building a website.


(Wayne) #7

I found that the ThemeFlood folks also offer some responsive themes for free. I’m playing with Panoramic now and it’s pretty good. It doesn’t do vertical navigation and it has some limitations compared to the paid version (Forest), but overall it’ll probably be fine for my meager current needs.

(Rob Beattie) #8

If you’ve got £15.00 to spare, the paid-for themes offer a lot more features and flexibility. Seems a small price to pay IMHO. :sunglasses:

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