Sidebar and Foundry

Im trying to create a site using foundry and Weaviums sidebar… But the two don’t seem to be compatible with each other.
Ive uploaded what I’ve done so far (not much) but when you click on the hamburger on the top left to expand the sidebar you can literally slide the entire website underneath the menu. Ideally I don’t want this to happen! Strange thing is if I recreate it in Foundation the website content is how it should be and doesn’t slide under the menu.
Is there any way of stopping the website contents sliding under the menu?
I’ve tried contacting @weavium but haven’t heard anything back!

Just set up a file with both stacks and I’m not getting any issues


Ok, that’s really strange. Must be something I’m doing wrong somehow. I’ll retry it all and see if that makes any difference.

hi, just for reference im using Foundry version 2.3.3, Sidebar 1.0.8

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You may have already thought of this but let me suggest one basic troubleshooting trick. This assumes that you have current versions of all the stacks. My suggestion is to set up a page with the absolute minimum of stacks. Use Foundry’s columns and text stacks to give the basic appearance that you seek. Then add the Weavium Sidebar stack. If this doesn’t work, then it is very likely that Sidebar doesn’t play nice with Foundry. If it does work, then you can add Foundry stacks one at a time and test for compatibility. It is possible that there may be one stack in the Foundry set that causes Sidebar to blow up. This is how you can identify that item. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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