Enabling 301-redirects

I have done some reading about 301-redirects and I am comfortable now with the need for them, how they work and what they accomplish.

My question now has to do with where to park some of the replacement URLs that I tie the 301-redirect to. The website I am replacing has roughly 70 pages. There are probably 25 pages that are not particularly germane to my current business model but which have some established fan base. Many of those links seem to come from places like Pinterest etc and may possibly still be beneficial for SEO purposes.

Can I create web pages that are only accessible via the 301-redirect? These websites would have no direct navigation clues and would just sit on the website somewhere in case they were pinged by an external link?

If this strategy is viable would I want to “Enable Robot Meta Tags”?

I am not sure if this is a second question but would I want to “Index this Page” and/or enable “Follow Links” on the Meta Tags section?

Suggest you use a search engine on “301 redirect” - You will get plenty to read. As far as the page goes… it’s like any other page. (It IS any other page). Set your meta options to what ever you wish depending on your desires. A re-direct is merely that. A simple redirect to another web page.

I don’t understand your goal though. Why you need to re-direct? Why not just link to the pages?

You can have the redirects go to anywhere you want. It’s just a URL, it doesn’t even have to go to your site.

If they’re not relative to your current business I wouldn’t spend too much time on them, and I definitely wouldn’t want any limited replacement page to be continued to be indexed. The idea is you want them to ”go away.”

A 301 redirect is a permanent move of a URL. Your telling search engines, proxy server, and browsers that resource no longer exists and is gone forever.

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