Engineer Theme - Big white space on home page

I have been using the Engineer Theme which I really like, nice and clean. However I have an issue on the home page.

At the bottom it has large white space and what looks like a partial divider. I would like to put another logo center of this space, how can I do this.

Or I would like the Banner to meet the dark footer

Here is the site in question:-

That’s the area that holds your page content.

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Whoops, of course it is so sorry, but thanks anyway

Ok got that sorted out, have added some sidebar text which is on the Left hand side. The area to the right is blank, how can I get a picture into it.

The instruction video from RapidWeaver use a different theme and this are is used by the Site Logo on their video. On this theme it puts the logo top left.

And your logo could go there too :wink:

OK how, I cannot see any where that allocates the position of the logo

The logo is positioned by the theme. So with Engineer it goes to the top left.

What kind of page type are you using? If it’s Stacks, then you’ve got thousands of options (or maybe hundreds) when it comes to positioning elements. If it’s a Styled text page, you’ll have to work a little harder to position the logo exactly where you want it.

Also, the Sidebar in Engineer appears under the main content area so I’m not sure what you mean by “have added some sidebar text which is on the Left hand side”


Rob, many thanks for replying.

The page is the home page so I cannot add stacks to it. The area I have highlighted in Red, is the area I would like to put another photo.

I cannot see anywhere how to add it.

Any page can be a Stacks page, including the home page. Just create a new Stacks page and then right-click and make it the home page. I’m not on my Mac, but the item in the context menu should be apparent.

Can you take a screen shot of that page in Edit mode so we can see what kind of page it is?

In the mater styles for the Engineer theme did you change the sliders for Main Content Columns and Sidebar columns?


If you didn’t Then the sidebar would be below the main area.

If you did make this change than there is a separate "sidebar area on each page inspector
You can add a title and drag a picture or enter text:

Teefers, thanks you a star. Yes I had been playing around with the settings, I have reset it back to your settings and bingo the Sidebar is in the correct space. I have added some pictures but I have a line above the pictures, shown here in red in the picture. I have changed the colour to see if I can identify the line but it never changes. I would like to remove it so that the picture in the sidebar is more central.

Looks like top padding and margin on the sidebar.
Try adding this custom CSS:

.sidebar {
	margin-top: 0;

Also if you don’t want to use the title in the sidebar you can add this CSS

.sidebar h2 {
	display: none;
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Teefers, excellent works perfectly many thanks.

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