New Theme by Rapid Ideas: White Space

Hi all
First: It’s good to be back in the RW business after some months of silence.

We just released a new theme called White Space.

As you can guess its name implies a principle in design that is often ignored: give your content room to breathe. White Space is a very minimal but elegant theme - of course with many options and features like:

20 Webfonts to choose from (independently for the titles and content)
Responsive Minimal design based on the KUBE framework
Special Navigation that works cross browser and cross device
Responsive Lightbox for Photo Album pages
Social Icons
Includes Font Awesome
Page fadeout and fadein effect
Go Home on Logo click
Adjustable Colors

With the release of this theme we want to start a new aera in our RW business by concentrating on what made Rapid Ideas shine: clean, minimal and elegant designs laying the focus on styling the content by eliminating disturbing “wow-only” effects and components.

You can see a preview of the theme here:
And if you are ready to purchase, you can do so at: White Space Theme


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Good to have you back as well Chris. Will you be doing any updates to your stacks as well?

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@robbeattie I already updated some stacks. But as I moved to a new system - and started from scratch, there is no update process available (yet). I can’t simply add my old customers db into the new system. That’s a lot of work now.

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Hope you can sort something out. Your Social Stream stack is great.

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Nice to hear from you again.
Looking forward repeatedly about your super themes and stacks.
rPlaylist stack is my favorite player. I find no longer on your website, why?

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tried to buy
whats with the pricing, over $2000

@Oscar I removed all items that I think really need an update. So stay tuned. It is possible I release a new version in near future.

@upssjw Never tried that :wink:

The player works fine in every page and in every (lightbox) stack.
Never had problems :wink:

when i tried to check out thats the price that was about to be charged

does this have a side bar?

Looks like there’s a sidebar option, shown on the ‘icons’ example page:

Great Theme!! Thanks!!

Try bridging your old customers DB into filemaker. and I love you theme by the way

Thanks for the feeback. Yes, of course it does include a sidebar as some page types really need it (e.g.the blog page)

And I think there is a way to migrate old customers. I will try it next week.


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That’s strange. It actually should accept any price starting from $14.90. Of course you can enter $2000 if you want :wink:

Tests are successful to migrate old customers to the new system, so I will do that next week. But I only can get customers since 2014 without a lot of work.

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ok worked this time, not sure what happened before