Enter Zip Code - Redirect to Page

I’m not too sure where to even begin here. I would like to have an input form where the visitor can enter their Zip Code. When they hit Submit, that would direct them to the appropriate page. Something that would work similar to this.

If you took the zip code and passed it to a page via a URL, you could use the Agent stack on that page to display different content based on the zip code passed via the URL.

Another thought for zip codes would be to use Total CMS blog. You could have a blog post for each possible zip code. The zip code would be the permalink. Therefore, the contents of that blog post could be unique for each and every zip code. The nice thing with this approach is that you can add as many zip codes as you want later on without ever opening RapidWeaver.

Thanks Joe; Agent may work, but I’d like something that isn’t that intuitive in case someone wants to submit a zip code outside of the area where they’re located. We plan on having a directory of every city in California, but thought a Submit button to get someone there quickly would be pretty cool.

Total CMS seems like a much better solution to me. But Agent will do the trick.

@joeworkman What about Sitelok? I haven’t used it yet, but have been wanting to (forgive my ignorance). If we added for instance, 95240 and 95242 as a “member” and set up the user group as Lodi, CA, redirecting the login to the Lodi page. I’m not sure how the login is with Sitelok and if we can login w/o a password. Sounds like a lot of work, but we have plenty of time to get this completed.

I’m thinking Formloom with the right PHP could handle this too.

Unless I am not understanding what you are trying to accomplish, I don’t see how Sitelok would be a good fit.

I haven’t used SL yet but I’ll buy it this week and try it out to get a better understanding.

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