Need a good CMS that works well with Rapidweaver

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I use Vibralogix Sitelok extensively with Rapidweaver and now need a good CMS that works well with Rapidweaver. A Washington state educational association wants my help with a site that board members can login to and update content on a regular basis. And some board members will use the Sitelok CP. Rapidweaver is not a CMS system and there’s not an easy way for me to give them access to the content. Do you know of any good ways to do this via Rapidweaver?

(scott williams) #2

There are several but I like TotalCms by Joe Workman

(Joe Workman) #3

Sitelok and Total CMS work very good together as well. :smile:

(Ron Belisle) #4

I use Joe Workman products a lot. Can individual login accounts be made with TotalCMS?

(scott williams) #5

Yes, you build the admin page(s) and you have control.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #6

If you are using Sitelok, we also have a Sitelok stack and you can integrate Sitelok very easily (even without the stacks) into Total CMS and set up the admin pages the way you want.

(Gary Wann) #7

I’ve used Sitelok for a couple of years and now I use Joe Workman’s Sitelok stacks which make working with Sitelok much simpler. I also use Joe’s Total CMS to manage content and to give content management access to other editors on the site. Access to the CMS admin is via Page Safe, with an individual Page Safe page and password for each admin. I use Sitelok to provide content for members only, not to give access to the CMS admin pages as it’s overkill if you only have a few admins, but you could use Sitelok to give access to the CMS admin pages if you wanted to.

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