Rapidweaver Action Forms

There are lots of form solutions that send the results to an email address. But is there a way to set up a form so that, when submitted, an action is performed (eg; going to a specific page, changing the value of a field, etc.)?

Perhaps you would like the form to gather certain information from the visitor and then this information is used to decide what the visitor sees next.

Doesn’t have to be a stack, or even a Rapidweaver module. It could be widget or something that you could embedd in the Rapidweaver page.

Anything like this available?

  • Frederick

Do you happen to be using Foundation?

Foundation form builder has the ability to redirect on submit, but even more important it has the ability to do a POST process, It can call a php file which means that you can do about anything you like, I use this method to add the form contents to a CSV files dependent on the contents of a form field. Yes, it requires a little coding but pretty straight forward.

Alas, I am not a PHP programmer. Maybe I could hire your services?

PM me & let me know what it is you want to do

CalcStack in combination with QueryDisplay might work well for you, depending on your requirements.

Use CalcStack for the user to provide information or measurements. Round the answer up or down accordingly or apply other variables like shipping, admin fees, tax etc. Redirect the user onto another page with the answer appended as a query string (on the address). On the destination page you can then have additional CalcStacks or something like QueryDisplay - which can read the query and conditionally display the relevant information.

A couple of my other stacks can also ready query strings too, including ProGallery, TopBox and Switcher.

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