Episode 16: Building Responsive Websites with RapidWeaver

I’ve just released the latest episode of The RapidWeaver Show! This week we discuss responsive sites, and why/how to build one.

Listen to the show

Hope you enjoy the show :smile:


Perhaps this only affects me but for some reason the podcast never works from your site when using Chrome, while Safari is fine. In Chrome it looks like it is trying to load and never succeeds.

Ben was right Episode is Episode in Swedish.

@ashleykaryl, it is a Chrome issue I believe. The Podcasts (free) are available in iTunes as well incase you didn’t know.

@ben Using latest Chrome.app on OSX 10.11.x, when the Podcast is loaded and you press play, the loading icon just spins and spins, no Podcast ever plays. Don’t know if a plug-in is missing or something in Chrome security is causing the hiccup, don’t know as there is not ever any error message to lead to the right direction.


@Turtle I rarely use iTunes and it becomes annoying when they ask for my Apple password 5 times before I can listen to a podcast so I prefer just to listen on the website. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with Chrome as you have also found.

@ashleykaryl, @ben

The episode plays properly in Chrome when you use the direct link from the html of source code so there must be an issue with the player on your site?

Yes, latest Flash is installed.

I won’t post the direct link unless you ok it lol


Make sure your flash is enabled and refresh the page for the podcast.

Instructions for enabling Flash are here:

I’ll look in to the Chrome issue ASAP — but as mentioned, it works just fine in Safari :smile:

I actually contacted support about the Chrome issue with podcasts over 2 months ago.

Ben was “sort of” right. :slight_smile: We do use the word episod (without the last e) but that word is taking from the English language. The real Swedish word for episod(e) is “avsnitt”. We are so much influenced by the English language today so we create a lot of new “Swenglish” words.

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Yeah, I received that, and it’s on my list of todos. It’s just not high up as you can listen to the podcast in other browsers.

@leif_ottosson I hope you don’t think I butchered the Swedish language too badly :stuck_out_tongue:

@ben Absolutely not! You did just fine. @dan on the other hand… :sob:

I’m impressed by anyone learning Swedish, I understand it’s not a simple language to learn.

Jag önskar dig en trevlig helg!

@leif_ottosson: And it is quite the same as in German: Abschnitt. :smile:

@ben: Works fine in Chrome for me when using OSX 10.11.1 and Chrome Version 46.0.2490.71
@ashleykaryl @Turtle Which Chrome versions do you use?

@instacks I’ve used various versions over the last two months but always keep it up to date. At present it’s version 46.0.2490.86 (64-bit).

I am up to date with Version 46.0.2490.86 (64-bit) on OSX 10.11.1

I had to go to chrome://plugins/ and turn on ‘Always allow to run’ for Flash Player and then everything was fine.