Episode 41 Congrats & FYI

Hi @dan & @ben
Congratulations on the (on-schedule) launch of Rapid Weaver 7! Great work!

Just FYI; in Australia, if you went into a cafe/restaurant and asked for a “Flatty” you would be given a nice piece of fish. And if you asked nicely, you might get some chips and tartar sauce.

Keep up the good work guys.

Cheers for your ears! (i should have copyrighted this)

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Thanks man, appreciated.

We’ll pay you 1 english penny for every time we say it per episode. Payout will happen once we reach the payment threshold of £100 :wink:

Cheers for your ears!

Sounds good to me.
Can we back date it…? Should be up to about £3 by now… Thats about AU$9…!!
I could buy two flat whites with that.


Sure thing!

Expect a payout in around 5 years time :wink: