Podcast Episode 22

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #1

Anyone recall if it has been mentioned whether or not there will be a podcast out today?

I can’t remember if we are on a holiday break.

(Brad Halstead) #2


@ben & @dan did say at the end of Episode 21 that there would be one this week, however, I wasn’t really expecting it due to being New Years Eve. They didn’t do their usual post of asking for user questions for the show…


(Dan) #3

Sorry for the delay guys. It were supposed to be out today, but life got in the way as it sometimes does :confused:

We’re going to try and record one tomorrow… Stay tuned.

Cheers for your ears!

(Brad Halstead) #4

@dan, no worries man, hope you are having a relaxing family time break.


(Brad Halstead) #5

Thanks @dan and @ben, posted and listening to…

Maybe your Podcasts are simply looked forward to because we just love your British Humour/sarcasm? Lol

No offence was taken about being a newb :wink: and I am honoured that you think I am a longtime user of RapidWeaver :slight_smile:

Great initial job of advertising your Typed dot com site and third party developers for themes of said site. I think you can do better though :wink: lol (You were sort of rushed this episode so you’re excused lol)

I’ve got big shoulders lol, yes, I suggested advertising… you are a company after all and have to generate recurring income for sustainability. If someone can’t understand that then that is a shame because without recurring income there is no money to keep the lights on let alone development. Just my opinion though as I understand society today wants everything for nothing, it is what it is…

What’s the feedback been like on the advert issue? Personally, I would like you to keep it RapidWeaver/Typed related, new Developer Products, RapidWeaver/Typed Tutorial sites that charge, things like that. I don’t think it unreasonable for you to promote a new Stack, Plugin or Theme for a fee from developers since they get to add them for free, if they want a mention on the show perhaps a small fee, perhaps not… I have no idea of fees associated with a dev account through you folks so won’t even go there… just throwing out ideas.

I surely hope other Weavers weally offer their suggestions/comments/feedback wegawding wecuwwing wevenue :wink:


(Brandon Scott Corlett) #6

Great show guys! Thanks for going the extra mile to release one this week. :smile:

(Dan) #7

Thank guys, you rock! :blush:

Happy New year and all that!