Error 500 - Future theme contact form not working

I’m working with the Future theme. I’ve tried using the contact form, and it shows up normally in Rapidweaver, but after I upload the site, it doesn’t load at all. I get a 500 - Internal Server Error. Any idea what’s happening? For now, I’ve just eliminated the contact form page, and I just have the email option at the bottom of every page.

Who’s the hosting company? Do you have PHP available/enabled?

I am with goprohosting, a service through the musician’s union. Here’s the php settings:

Any 50x error can be hard to determine what might be causing them.
You really need to dive into server logs to try to debug what’s going on.
My gut feeling is it’s to do with the PHP on the host, the reason is the contact form does require PHP to work.

You’re hosting companies website shows they’re running very old and unsupported versions of PHP (4.4.4 and 5.2.1)neither have been supported even with security support in many years. The current version is 7.3 with 7.2 being the oldest version with “full support.

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Thank you, teefers, for your help. I’m a total amateur when it comes to website development, so I really appreciate the direction. I will be sending a note to my host’s administrators. It sounds like they need to be pressed to update things.

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