More Contact Form Issues

Form worked fine for years, changed RW themes and suddenly it doesn’t work. (Not sure if that is part of the problem or not.)

When hit the submit button, it acts like the reset button and just reloads the form/page.

PHP 5.5 is enabled on server /hosting company.

Running RW 7… tried every option and can’t get any difference in results.

No error message. No “your message has been sent” confirmation, etc.

Edwin, its not really going to be possible to offer you much by way of focused assistance without being able to see the page in question. I don’t think you even mentioned which form package/solution you are using…

Can you please supply a link to the problematic page?

EDIT: It is fixed now… PHP.INI change don the server and had to redefine a couple of variables and paths…

@coittech Yes, we need your URL. And if you have removed your form because it is not working, I suggest you put it up again with a notice to say it is currently being tested.

Done. The contact form is back online, no required blanks, and not working… :slight_smile:


PHP 5.5 is obsolete and unsupported. It is dangerous to use PHP 5 on a public facing website. Hackers and other nasties can get-in through unpatched vulnerabilities.

Get your hosting company to update you to a newer version of PHP as soon as possible - preferably PHP 7.2 or 7.3, as of January 2019.

Or speak with @barchard about using some of his award winning web hosting services.


Thank you for your advice. They currently have up to 7.1 that I choose from the control panel.

So no advice as to why my form doesn’t work??

You’ll note from the web link I gave you that even PHP 7.1 is reaching ‘end of life’. Support for that version ended back in December. Updates for that version of PHP end in less-than 12 months time.

You should push your hosting company to give you PHP 7.2 or 7.3. Each version brings new features and enhancements, which can sometimes help you resolve problems.

Additionally the hosting company should be able to direct you to where the error logs are. Each time the form fails to work or the email is not sent, the details of the problem are normally recorded somewhere. That will provide instant information towards finding the fault.

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Just figured out where to view script error logs in the control panel for my hosting company…

The completed form is currently getting a HTTP 302 response:

The data all appears to be in the POST:

The submit button is grabbing all the values and hits the script here:

That all looks ok. Time to look at the back end.
What email address are you using to send the email ‘from’ is it an account based on the same domain as the script is being hosted from? It probably needs to be.

As Will says, the logs would be a good place to check next,


here is a result from the logs: appears to be a missing file or path error… still reading for more…

EDIT: Just changed the web root path in my PHP.INI and it may be working…

So 24 hours after posting my contact form link on this forum, it is now being slammed with spam. Never happened in previous 5 years with previous contact form…

So I guess the spammers stalk this forum… time to redo the whole thing… man I hate spam/spammers…

Who doesn’t? Other spammers I suppose. What I hate are all the phoney ransomware demands I get, not that REAL ransomware threats wouldn’t be worse, although these phoney ones are so unconvincing it’s insulting!

I just hate that I will now have to spend $30-50 for an add-on just to fight spam on my website forms…

If the RapidWeaver Contact Form is letting through spam, then any other contact form addon you try is probably not going to fair any better.

Either your email address is already on the spamming databases or your website is getting spam from actual people filling in your forms.

My comments on the subject of spam I posted on the rw4all forum a couple of days ago were well received:

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@coittech as @willwood says, the built-in RW form should be as effective at blocking spam as any other form. You don’t need to spend anything extra.

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