Error after update

I updated today to 8.1.1 (20595), and now when I want to open my main project, it can’t find one resource (a small csv files that is on the drive), but also cannot simulate or switch to the publish view, giving me this error message:
“[<MyDocument 0x7f9a44f0fd70> valueForUndefinedKey:]: this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key _exporter”

I restored from my last backup and it does the same thing.

Can anyone help with this?

Have sitemap plus by chance?

Might checkout this post

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Thanks a lot. That fixed it.


What do you suggest with SiteMap Plus?

I haven’t updated to 8.1 thankfully still on 8.0.3 but I use SiteMap Plus on all my sites. Do I understand correctly that Loghound is no longer around and there are no further updates to SiteMap Plus??

Should I delete SiteMap Plus?
What sitemap do people suggest instead?

Cheers Scott

Sitemap Plus was taken over by Yourhead (maker of the stacks plug in) you can get an update at

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Hi Scott,

Thanks, just updated.


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