I just updated to RW 8.1.2
Since I’m getting the following error message:

My documet 0x7f9297c5dc70
value ForUndefinedKey: this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key_exporter

Any idea what to do???

Looks like a coding error. Ask Realmac.

@Dirk_Rohrmann By any chance, are you using PlusKit? If so, please make sure you have the latest version which you can get here


If you’re not using PlusKit, could you screenshot the error message and post it here.



Hi Tom,

thanks a million. I installed the latest Plus Kit. It works.

Sincerely yours,

Dirk Rohrmann


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Many plugins like PlusKit and SiteMap are permanently stuck on old versions. Those plugins have a loghound.com update URL and will never see the new versions on yourhead.com.

Every user has to:

  • experience problems
  • figure out that some plugins aren’t updating
  • search online to find the new versions
  • download and install manually

That’s a pretty painful process. But RapidWeaver controls the updates, the update URLs, and how they’re presented.

RW could notice those defunct update URLs and help the user find the new updates. It could be as simple and as asking once if they want to point all LogHound updates to their new home.

It would eliminate tons of crashes with one click.
Anyway, just a suggestion from someone who has helped a lot PlusKit users find those updates just recently. :slight_smile:

If anyone else likes this idea let @dan and @tpbradley know or give me a :+1: and I’ll let them know for you.



Here’s lots more info about all the new versions of LogHound that have moved over to YourHead

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Well, if it certainly sounds a good idea to me, @isaiah.


Good idea, shame you didn’t think of it 3 years ago - could have saved a lot crashes.

If you let us know the update feed URLs you would like redirected, we could add it in. However that does require code changes on our part.

An even better idea would be to redirect the loghound update feed, or replace the feed XML with one that contains a link to a newer update. That way all versions of RW would know how to update to the latest version of PlusKit. Looks like the loghound site is still up too.

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Many thanks, Tom! Panic attack averted!

@tpbradley thanks for the suggestion. i asked a long time ago, of course. i asked John again at the same time I asked you. (screenshot below)

i thought i’d ask you, because i myself maintain a handful of exceptions for stack developer updates in these sorts of situations:

  • a few times a developer made a bad typo in the appcast URL
  • one team split on bad terms
  • a few hobby developers moved on – so we just ignore those rather than waste the bandwidth

standing offer:
if Realmac has grown weary of maintaining plugin updates, just let me know. i know it’s a chore.

each plugin dev used to handle updates on their own. i maintained an open sourced fork of sparkle, specifically tailored for updating RapidWeaver plugins. it wasn’t perfect, plugins have some obvious limitations, but it worked pretty well for 6 or 7 years.

i’d be happy to go that route again. i’m already updating thousands of stacks, a handful of plugins would be no sweat. i removed it at RMSs request at the RW 6.0 release.

or not – just thought i’d offer. :slight_smile: