A mysterious message

My website www.concertenwittekerk.nl is built in RW7. Downloading RW8 I followed the instructions to activate the app, entered the license key and activated the license button.
After importing my project ConcertenWitteKerk.rw in RW8 only the Edit-mode is available. Switching to Preview this message appears;

[<MyDocument 0x7f9a0058b950>
valueForUndefinedKey:]:this class is not key value
coding-compliant for the key_exporter.

I hope someone can unravel this mysterious message and explain me step by step how to go to work.

Maybe this thread will help.


Hi Rob,

Thanks a million. I’m very grateful: I installed the update of Plus Kit and … It works!!
Kind regards,
Frits Sandkuijl

Glad it worked for you Frits. The forum is a great resource for answers to all sorts of different problems. :sunglasses:

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