ETA for Total CMS 2?

When does Total CMS 2 launch? I’m going to be starting another project, and would love to use TCMS2 if it’s coming out soon…

@joeworkman @zeebe

I asked a similar question about a month ago when I began a project. Unless something drastic has changed, start with the current version. :slight_smile:

@SanityFox is 100% correct. Do not wait for Total CMS2. If you have a CMS project, use the current version.

Total CMS 2 is pretty far along. It powers the new Weaver’s Space site. However, it still has pretty far to go as well. It will also require Stacks 4, which has not even reached beta yet. The best ETA that I can give you right now is 2019. It will be worth the wait though. :slight_smile:

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Ok, thanks guys! I’ll just go with the current version :slight_smile:

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