Event list (list of upcoming events)

I’m using datesnap but also need a stack that just shows a clean list of upcoming events.

  1. Responsive list
  2. Set qty of upcoming events (max)
  3. Start with “today” on load
  4. Style the rows
  5. Size the rows (height)
  6. compatible with JW foundation

If anyone else likes this, I could also commission someone to build it…

I’m not sure I completely understand , do you want to sell tickets or just show a list of upcoming events?

We just use a typed.com blog for event details and blog stack to bring them onto the page.
On our Classes page, its a list/purchase.
I am currently working on a ticketing page that will issue barcoded event tickets

Can you elaborate further or give a url


Just a nice clean list of events. Title and date.

Showing the datesnap calendar is overkill. On the front page of a website we just always want a list of let’s say the next 5 upcoming calendar events.

Oh, I see. And you want them to populate from Google Cal?

I could see that would be useful. I wonder if you can update a Google sheet from the Google Cal? hmmm

Yes, we have several groups add their own calendars either via Apple i-cal or Google, just like what DateSnap already supports. Just seeing the most urgent scheduled events would be an amazingly handy tool and keep the Ui from being confusing and cluttered.

Less is more so to speak :slight_smile:

There are sites that have this custom coded, but I do not see any stacks in that direction. Ofcourse the most logical approach would be to have a DateSnap view, but I’m making the (perhaps false) assumption that that would take an act of congress to get done. :slight_smile: I’m not willing to wait 3-6 months and still not know if it meets my expectations. haha


I think you can do this yourself with minimal effort :slight_smile:

There are a couple FREE add-ons for Google Apps
That will import Google Calendar Events into a Google Sheet (I just tried one and it worked)

You can then use Grid Iron stack from Chillidog to display the sheet Grid Iron allows you to set the nuber of rows to display per page and gives you a next/previous button to go through the pages.

Seems to me this would work

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FYI, you can do it with Google Calendar, sheets a free add on “Calendar Event Importer” and the Grid Iron Stack From ChilliDog

Test example here