Calendar for rapidweaver

(Isolina Arbulu) #1

I need to create an events calendar where I can have extra information on the events.
I see you can link a google calendar if you embeded the calendar, but it looks horrible.
Is there a costumizable stack that can be linked to google calendar??

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

Datesnap by Yabdab

(Isolina Arbulu) #3

I loked at it but is is for rapidweaver 5… is there a way to change the color of a google calendar on my site??

(Isolina Arbulu) #4

Is date snap a stack?? can I place the calendar within a page?

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #5

Works with RapidWeaver 6 and Stacks 3 for me. It is a stack, they call them snaps for some reason. I have not used it in a while, but I believe you can have different color options.

(Isolina Arbulu) #6

Thank you
One more question, can I also edit the google calendar with datesnap??

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #7

Nope, have to do that on Google. You can add events though in Datesnap

(Isolina Arbulu) #8

Thanks, i have just purchased it and no link to download… first time it happens… :frowning: