I'm looking to create an events website

Hi guys,
I’m looking to create an events website.
Are there any stacks that can arrange events in date order?
Also, is there anything out there that I could use to have a selection of upcoming events on the home page.
So, once the date passes that event is replaced by the next event on the calendar!
Has anybody created anything like what I’m looking for? or an events website I can take a look at please.

Try the ‘Event Calendar Stack

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DateSnap might be worth a look too.

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Are you looking for a calendar or do you want to manipulate stacks that contain each date/info?

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Hi Greg, I guess there would be a calendar on one of the website pages… but, for the home page I would like something with the date and info! Maybe the next three upcoming events would be pretty good. It’s a yearly events guide with around 25 events I’m looking to create. There may not be anything out there that could do what I want it to do! ideally I wouldn’t have to keep going back into the website and replacing each event with another once the date of the event has passed! Does that make sense?

You could probably set this up with a Total CMS blog. The home page events could be only ‘featured’ posts (I think you can set it up to hide events after they have passed).

Poster could maybe be set up this way as well? Not totally sure

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I agree with Jason, TotalCMS would work great for this.

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Thanks Jason. I’ll download the Total CMS trial and have a look at it… Haven’t heard of the poster stack but will take a look as well :smile:

On a home page you could show upcoming events in a wide variety of ways. The above suggestions work, but so do other options.

One “trick” is your request not to have to go back to the website and replace old events with upcoming ones. There are a couple of stacks that can really help you with this (and you can place any other stacks within them).

One is the Advanced Publisher stack by Will:

@willwood can answer any specific questions you have about this product. It’s first rate and very reliable. You can also download a demo of the stack.

@joeworkman also has a similar stack named Tardis. It is also very good:

I highly encourage you to look into both stacks. One may be better for you needs than the other, but both a very good products.


Awesome, thanks Mathew. really like the sound of that! Much less of a learning curve than Total CMS. Having taken a quick look at both, I really like that idea :smile:

For a “home page” events listing you might want to also consider:

I think this stack will play nicely with Advanced Publisher or Tardis, but not 100% positive. But there are lots of other ways to format the home page preview if you want for upcoming events.


Yes, I already have the 1LD Events stack and have just checked it works with advanced publisher. Ive put in two events stacks and got them to switch over a minute after each other! Works perfectly… Thank you Mathew, very much appreciated.

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Hello… Stacks4stacks also has “Expiry” (free - but consider donation please) which is a simpler version of Advanced Publisher. Drop a stack into Expiry and you can turn the contents on and off by date and time. There are also some sort stacks at stacks4stacks


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