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I am looking for comments from users of Cartloom. I am working on several e-commerce sites and would like to use the service. I see from reading the forum that some people have had problems with their spam filters blocking their site order email. I did not see a best practice note on how to prevent that.

I also want to know if there are issues using a CDN and a service like cartloom and using the cheaper work arounds on HTTPS. My current host charges $100US/year for a “wildcat ssl” which they say covers my main domain and sub domaines. Is that a better way to go? especially if I am planning to use various embeds and pictures hosted on a remote site?

I have written to Cartloom support a number of times and have not received answers so I am wondering if I also have inadvertent email blocking. I use a yahoo address because my ISP is incapable of spam filtering.

If there was a sure fire way to make sure that those emails were not being lost that would be a very good thing.

Thanks in advance for your comments, The choice of which service to use is important to me.

Cheers Marty

  • Any bulk email, and any email from a small company, will have some amount of email issues. Many sites automatically block everything until they can “whitelist” a site. That said, I’ve had no more trouble with Cartloom than with any other service. I’ve used Cartloom for about 10 years. It’s been a perfect service for us.

  • You don’t need an SSL certificate to use CartLoom. CartLoom will take care of the entire secure end of the transaction. An SSL certificate is (sadly) now recommended everywhere however – so probably a good idea to get one anyway. But just so you’re aware, it’s not mandatory.

  • Any host that is trying to cheat you by selling a small business a wildCARD certificate is probably a host that you should leave. Quickly. That’s not OK.

  • You can get an SSL certificate for free that will probably work fine for your first site FOR FREE from Let’s Encrypt: https://letsencrypt.org

  • If you do need a nice and easy hosting solution. Our friends at https://www.chillidoghosting.com are well acquainted with RapidWeaver and have a very nice service at very reasonable prices. Dream Host has always been good too.

  • I use Digital Ocean for all my hosting. I think they’re the largest VPS (virtual private server) hosting company now. There service is probably a bit overkill – but if you need full control, it’s great.
    The price it right too – a small server is just $5/month (which has always been plenty for hosting YourHead.com)
    Plus their support folks and only help guides are the best.


Thanks. Does anyone know if Cartloom has a year price? or just the by the month? thanks

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