Cartloom Subscription Function Help needed

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been looking at the subscription function in Cartloom. A charity I work with has a magazine they are sending out every quarter and want people to buy either a monthly or annual subscription. Everything works fine with it, the workflow, the Stripe integration etc. But unlike a product which is a one-hit option where the person buys it and it’s done. The subscription option doesn’t ask for an address telephone number etc.

While I know one option would be to have a workflow in the website to give them access to features behind a wall, does anyone either have suggestions or observations. I have raised a ticket with the Cartloom folks this morning, but I wanted to reach out here as well.

Needless to say, the charity wishes to have this running and available from Monday, and myself and the web developer were only asked to do this on Friday! I should also say the developer is in Asian time zone, using WordPress, and I’m in the UK, trying to help (e.g. not my website, I’m actually a fundraiser instead of developer)

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