Problem with Cartloom purchases

Has anyone had this problem with purchases through Cartloom. Very frustrating!

This problem surfaced in a previous post it was resolved on by direst email contact.
So first problem was with isaiah. An upgrade to Pluskit. Basically didn’t happen then resolved through this forum. Problem was thought to be with my internet provider, the largest ISP in Australia.? Nothing in SPAM etc. This was resolved through PM messages.
The same thing has just happened with a purchase with 1 little designer, I pay for it, no email link and then nothing! This seems to be a problem with Cartloom.
Regards Wayne

Sounds like an issue with your email provider blocking Cartloom emails. @isaiah you can verify this by clicking the viewing the individual Order Invoice > Order Log > Email Log for …

Button looks like this:

This should give details on what’s happening with those emails after Cartloom sends them out.

The question is why would an email provider choose to block Cartloom. I am trying to learn, not being a wise guy.

Happy to answer John,

Cartloom uses a mass email system call “Mailgun” to distribute all emails, think buyer/seller invoices, our mail add-on service, etc. When Mailgun is used by other software services that or client that abuse the Mailgun platform, then some email provider may simply blacklist all Mailgun distributed emails. This issue described isn’t isolate to Mailgun, it happens with all mass email distributors, which is why it’s important for all parties to be respectful of peoples inboxes. Hope this answer helps!

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Hi Nick
If this is a problem for you as a developer and me as a customer, where does that leave us?
I have purchased something (a Theme) which has not been delivered. I have sent emails to the developer and have heard nothing back. I have tried to unblock ports and get my purchase history resent, still nothing. So my only out is to claim back my costs off PayPal as goods undelivered. Not a very good outcome for everyone involved.! Why would I use Cartloom for future purchases? You lose a customer.


I went ahead and searched all our logs and found that every single email sent to your address was delivered ( and accepted ) to your email server. Not a single failure was logged.

At Cartloom we do everything we can to ensure that emails we send have the highest deliverability as possible. Or choice to use Mailgun to deliver our emails was part of our attempt to make this happen.

Most of our customers have zero issues with receiving our emails from orders. Although, in certain instances an email could possibly be flagged as spam by certain ISPs and/or email clients. Unfortunately there is nothing Cartloom ( or any other service ) can do in such an occasion.

My advice would be to look closer at your Spam/Junk folder for the missing emails. After that, maybe ask your ISP for help in tracking down the reason why the emails made it to their server, but not your mailbox.

If you have any more questions, then I would be happy to help you via our help desk. :grin:


Ok I’ve rang my ISP. They say Port blocking is off! I have looked into my Spam folder. nothing! So look I have a gmail account can’t my order history at Your head software and one little designer be sent there? Could not find your help desk.


Port blocking is not the issue. We would have seen the blockage from our end if that were the case.

What is happening , happens AFTER your ISP receives the email. Your ISP has this on their web site…

iiNet email addresses include a free anti-spam filter powered by IronPort Systems that identifies 95% of spam. By default, this feature is enabled and set to delete the spam before it gets to your inbox…

Instructions on how to disable can be found at the following address

In order to change your orders email address to the gmail address, you will need to contact @isaiah And @1LittleDesigner . I do not have the authority to make changes to their Cartloom accounts.

As far as our help desk, I would rather just finish up here in the forums. That way everyone can see the final outcome on the issue.


Look all I want is what I paid for, I am so over this the problem is with you and or my internet provider your arrogance in this issue deserves a blast. Just give me what I paid for.sure I will let the forums know.

Totally crap Delivery system Cartloom. They punish you do not give you options. What can I say CRAP!!! I give up.

You are having problems with getting emails that are being blocked by your ISP(iNet) anti-spam filter. Not sure why you think it’s the cart vendors issue. Thousands of transactions are processed by cartloom all the time without a problem.
Your problem appears to be with the ISP or the software vendors but not the shopping cart folks. If you have an issue with two stores in a shopping mall, do you blame the mall owner?

As for YourHead software purchase (plus kit) did you look at the footer on every page of there site there’s a link to finding a lost serial number along with links on how to get support.

As for one little design they have a support link right at the top bar navigation did you click that? There’s also a serial number lookup on that page and instructions on how to contact support:

There’s really nothing cartloom can do to help you out much more than they have. They can’t get you your blocked emails, they don’t and shouldn’t have access to your purchase information including serial numbers from the individual vendors using their product.

If you follow the instructions from @yabdab above from your ISP and turn off the spam filter, then enter your email address on both sites serial look up they will resend you the emails. If that doesn’t work then contact their respective support areas.


I have also experienced this same issue, purchasing a stack, typically using PayPal. I get the email from PayPal that a purchase has been made, and then I wait and wait, and about 2-3 days later, have to contact the Developer to ask them to send me a link. One developer uses a look up system where I can have them send me an email with all my orders on it. I wait and wait for that email, and about 15% of the time, I will get the email. Then there are times that I get the email with the orders, click on the stack I want to download and then wait again for an email link.
I also have no idea why I am not getting emails. I use a Microsoft Live email account. Even going to the browser to login, I still do not see emails in my SPAM folder.

This is the link that I have used a lot. Still doesn’t help if I don’t get the emails.
It is a frustrating experience. I thought it was initially onelittledesigner, but found it with purchases from another developer recently as well.

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