Export a page, automatically modify the file rw8!

Hello, after making changes to a file, the majority of software announces that this file has been modified and offers to save or not the changes before closing. Nothing particularly complicated to understand: this is the rule that everyone has perfectly integrated.

With RapidWeaver, it’s a little (a lot) different! …

For example … Open a file, and then export a page, with or without making changes to its contents: RW updates the files on the FTP. Nothing to say, it is what we ask the software.
However, if you then close this rw8 file, no alert appears to inform you that the file, IMPLICITLY AFTER FTP EXPORT, has been saved and updated. The Finder indicates that the file has been modified with an updated date! …

This attitude may be, I think, a source of trouble in managing its workflow.

Ideally, when the file is closed, RW could inform us that the rw8 file has been modified and ask us whether or not to accept it. If the user does not want to save the file, RW could then restore the status of the files on the FTP and leave the rw8 file in the state it was when it opened. With this additional feature, it is clear that RW will have to manage a history at n-1 in order to be able to go back … but what comfort (and insurance) for his workflow.

Otherwise, RW should inform us with a message that the file has been saved when it is closed.

For my part, at each work session with RW, I duplicate my rw8 file and increment its name in order to have an n-1 backup available … :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually, the file content itself should not been changed if you don’t explicitly select “Save” or press Cmd + s.

RW is storing inside the project file the status of the preview windows, and when a file was published last time.

So every time you open the file and e.g. select “Preview”, the time stamp of the project file will be modified to current time.

Cheers, Jannis from inStacks Software

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