RW 8.2.1: patience for sending FTP

Hi, I just downloaded the latest version of RW (8.2.1) : a priori, no problem on my files saved in version 8.1.7.

I just wanted to give feedback on sending to my FTP a relatively large website update where many pages and “Partial” Stacks (deployed on many pages) have been modified.

Once the order of sending validated, and rather quickly, the list of the files sent to the FTP did not update any more, leaving the window empty! … I thought that RW had planted! … I left the application without doing anything. Then, I realized that in the main window, in the sidebar “Pages”, the blue bullets went out, slowly, one after the other, indicating that the files were well received on the FTP.

I left long minutes the process unfolded. Then the notification informed me that it was finished. On the other hand, it was impossible to interact with RW which was stuck on the FTP sending interface. So, forced to leave RW abruptly.

Conclusion 1: After verification, my site has been updated. The FTP transfer went well. :wink:
Conclusion 2: It is certainly ALWAYS to save your project before sending FTP.
Conclusion 3: it might be EFFICIENT to save/archive/name with increment your RW file before a big edit session…

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