RW 8 Bug? - upon open, automatically updates date of addons folder AND RW files

(Lisa Sandler) #1

I’ve noticed that now on RW 8, as soon as I open a file, my addons folder updates to that date and time. Should this be happening? Never happened on previous versions.

@dan @LaPan ? Curious to know if this is a bug or normal behavior?

(Doug Bennett) #2

I just reproduced and verified this. As soon as you open rapidweaver the addons folder updates the modified date.

(Lisa Sandler) #3

and… to add to that, my actual RW files are changing the date as soon as I open a file and don’t save anything. This is scary.

(Doug Bennett) #4

@dan @simon @Aaron,

Just duplicated both these errors.

Any RW8 project file you this happens.

Open project in rapidWeaver, date stays the same. Close the file without change, or select don’t save:
The last Mod date changes:

(Simon Maddox) #5

Hi @LSPhoto and @teefers,

We’re looking into this and will keep you updated.



(Lisa Sandler) #6

thanks, Simon :slight_smile:

(Simon Maddox) #7

Hi @LSPhoto and @teefers,

We’ve found the cause - we’re saving the the state of the RapidWeaver project window (which page is selected, for example) when you close your project, so you can continue right from where you left off when the project is re-opened.

The next release will no longer update the modified date of your project - thanks for reporting it!



(Simon Maddox) #8

Hi @LSPhoto and @teefers,

This should be fixed in the 8.1 beta, here:

Thanks again for letting us know about this!

Marked as changed even closed without saving!?
(Greg Schneck) #9

Just a note: 8.1 public beta won’t won’t work if the project being opened has “Auto Start Web server” advanced pref checked… refer to Tom Bradley’s reply here…
RapidWeaver 8.1 Public Beta 1

(system) #10

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