Best style for mobile category

Are there any recommendations for a site style that is purely intended for mobile devices?

Hi Dave. Not sure exactly what you might be looking for…but generally imho it depends on what the site is trying to convey. For instance does the site need to display a lot of products for sale, only a small amount of information, or tons of technical specifications for example. All of that said when I’m creating mobile focused sites I look towards those with big bucks that do it well. For instance amazon and Apple do certain things very well imo. I’m currently looking at the Disney plus app for ideas to model for a client I work with.

One other thing I often do is google “best mobile sites” etc, and look at the various sites that have been awarded such a monicker by the powers that be. It’s then relatively easy to find a theme/framework/style that models such a look. The great thing is that there are some awesome rapidweaver developers/designers and virtually all of them create great responsive sites.

Great thank you, all good advice, the site will be ‘sold’ as an app (i.e. a URL on the home page) for a ‘Time Out’ type publication advertising venues and offerings for the usual sorts of things, food, drinks, music etc. But the organisation has a different slant on the audience they want to reach so mainstream offerings doing this don’t work for them.

Sounds cool. I’m in the process of redesigning an app interface as well. Essentially the app will just be html/php. Anyway, if you don’t have one you may wish to consider one of the frameworks (foundation, foundry, source, etc) as they would offer complete flexibility to design whatever you wish. All of the above have plenty of pre built project files that one can purchase and use, modify, reverse engineer as they wish. This, imo, cuts down on the learning curve. I personally have foundation and have used projects from webdeersign and have found them great. Many others abound.

Thanks, they look interesting, I will look in detail. Thanks again.

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