Feature Request – Social Tag warehoused image

Hi … I’d like to request the ability to use a URL instead of the image well in the new RW8 Social Tag feature.

An option to add your own URL / warehouse location would enable me to use this feature fully, and with AddThis (which requires a full URL to be passed to Twitter).

Currently, with AddThis, the image URL is relative (to resources), and this causes the image to fail.

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Not sure what you’re asking for with this request. The new social media tags produce an absolute(full) URL for both the twitter and OG meta tags.

I’m not familiar with AddThis, but as for as using remote resources(aka warehoused) with the new resource manager; it should work fine.
Select Add + and the select Add remote Resources:


Ente URL:


Then drag and drop or use the Resources in Link dialog:


Use the copy Macro if you need the code::



What I’m asking for is a simple text field where I can paste the URL of an og image that I have uploaded to my site warehouse. Joe Workman’s Warehouse Image stack gives a good example, and also has an alt text field, which would be good to include:


Also, the image well method, which stores the file in the Resources, folder doesn’t create a full URL for og:image tags:

This relative URL prevents the image from appearing in twitter cards (fb is fine), even thought the page will verify in Twitter’s dev tools.

Rapidweaver’s remote Resources operate in a very different way to ‘traditional’ warehousing, so isn’t really relevant to this issue. Even if RW was to output a full URL for og images, this would still require the image to be ‘within’ RW and the Resources folder, creating file-bloat.

I do use resources in the way you illustrate, but only for the odd file here and there, for smaller sites, those with few assets, or sites that don’t update or change assets often. For larger or media-rich sites, it bloats the source file to dangerous levels (I have one Resource-only site file that’s over 3GB in size), and requires recourse to Rapidweaver for even simple asset changes or updates. Of course, that’s just one reason to use warehousing; I won’t delve into the others here!

No not if you use Add Remote Resource

It simply adds the URL to the remote store(aka warehoused) image. It doesn’t copy the image to resources unless you drag and drop.

I agree Read the open graph standard - There’s a og:image:alt tag

<meta property="og:image:alt" content="A shiny red apple with a bite taken out" />

I don’t know if Facebook uses this but could be tested.

There’s also image size and type tags:

<meta property="og:image:type" content="image/jpeg" />
<meta property="og:image:width" content="400" />
<meta property="og:image:height" content="300" />

It’s that and a whole lot more - or will be

Yes, the resource window pop down is new. It is still in need of some fixes and enhancements as with anything this complex will. But I believe this will be the future way resources of any type will be managed by Rapidweaver. @dan and company are working hard getting the bugs out.

I don’t think you have a good understanding of how the remote resources work. This is not the old resource folder of the past. You can add a remote resource and it stores the URL not a copy of the image. You then have several options:

  • You can use dragging-and-dropping any image on to your site as you usually would; banner images, stack image drop-zones, Markdown, and styled text areas. This allows you to use stacks that aren’t “traditional” warehousing stacks with remote(warehoused) images.
  • Use the"traditional" warehousing method with the link dialogue to establish the link to the resource from the drop-down list.
  • Use the Resource Macro to place code linking the resource within the content.

Again this is an entirely new resource system your applying the use of the old resources folder that was limited by file sizes and had a history of bugs, with a completely new process. Granted it may not be prime time yet.

The relative URL instead of an absolute URL appears to be a bug (@simon @dan), RW8 is just over a week old, so they’ll get this stuff worked out.


Hi Doug. I had no idea the add remote resource option existed, though I’ve not had much time with RW8 yet.

That seems like a more familiar / workable solution for me, and it would save a shed-load of space in some of the project files I’ve inherited: brilliant.

I expect the bug will be fixed soon, as I’ve already had a handful of updates: I can live with it for now.

I’m sure it’s in the works. I know in another post there’s plans for more enhancements to the new resource manager.

Well, I’ve had a play around, and it’s good. I can see the benefits of having warehoused resources managed via the Resources manager, although having to add each URL to the manager, before then pointing to it via the drop down, is a bit of a faff for me: adding the URL to a single location, fire-and-forget, is a tad easier, but I will be using the feature extensively. Nice job.

So, back to my original request: I can’t see anyway of getting a Resourced (warehoused or not) image into the image well … am I missing something?

If I understand what you’re asking then if they are remote (new term for warehoused) hit the plus sign and select add remote resources, if they are local you can drag and drop or select add file.
One big advantage to having things in the resource window is you can have all the resources in one place. Should make managing things a bit easier. You can also now use remote resources (aka warehoused) with stacks that don’t support warehoused like Foundry images.
Just add the remote image to resources, and drag them from the resource window into the stack.

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Ah-ha … I got it. Excellent, thanks. That’s pretty cool.

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