RW8 social tags feature and AddThis: broken

Not necessarily a RW problem, but an issue for me and my setup:

I have a site that uses AddThis extensively, but, as RWs new Social Tags feature is linked to it’s Resources folder, and creates a relative path when publishing a page, it won’t work with AddThis, which requires full URLs.

It may be an option to add just the og image tag separately, but that makes the social tag feature seem like a waste of time.

Has anyone had a similar issue with AddThis and RW8? Would it be possible for RW to create full paths for the Social Tags?

I use AddThis… I simply put the AddThis code into a html stack. I don’t use Resources. Please note that I did have an issue with using AddThis with cache busting links turned on (RW7). The AddThis code (url) doesn’t work with a cache busting “tag.” Your results may vary :slight_smile:

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I have the AddThis code in the site-wide code section, but the image is automatically added to the resources when you drag it to the image well (this is RW8; 7 doesn’t have the social tags feature). I can certainly add a manual tag and warehoused image, but that negates the time-saving from the built-in feature: I’d just as well use manual tags only, in this instance.

I try to warehouse everything (although the site uses a mixture through legacy), but the new social tags section doesn’t have an option to add a URL, just a drag/drop image well.

I’m currently in discussion with AddThis support about the issue, but they’re having issues trying to find the issue! It now appears that it may not be URL related, but could be a caching issue.

I’ll keep digging …

We must be using AddThis differently. The small snippet of code I add includes a call to the image at AddThis. The code is inserted on your page in the normal flow where you want it to display, thus, putting it in sitewide code wouldn’t work. (I actually call the code with as a php include, hosting the snippet on my server.) Here’s how it appears on my page:

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