Blog social media images are not working properly

Good morning,
concerning blog articles, among the images that are dragged into the box provided for this purpose are not all taken into account by RW.
Indeed, some are not transferred and do not remain present in the image box.
I’m sure you do.
All images are loaded from the same folder.
Wouldn’t it be relevant to also be able to put the URL of a server image to avoid this kind of problem?
On the other hand the generic image of the blog is displayed well on the pages which did not gerdé their image. But it’s not ideal…

There’s a fix coming in the next release:

The new resource window allows remote resources (aka warehoused).

Okay, I don’t really understand your answer, which obviously isn’t meant for me.
However, I understand that this bug will be fixed in the next update?
So I re-uploaded my site by submitting for the 3rd time the images that had disappeared (and therefore the URL to the resources no longer existed on these pages - but not on a few others I don’t know why)
…and I wait for the update without touching anything on the other pages of the site because it is on this time that the absolute URLs to the resources disappear…

… and now, this is my website pages which have lost their absolute URL to image (but they have relative URL to resources)…

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