Will Woodgate's stack tutorial


Will used to have a really useful tutorial on his blog about creating stacks. I can’t seem to find it anywhere right now. Does anyone have a link to it? If you have any other useful links to developing stacks, that would be useful too.


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Hi, as I know, Will Woodgate removed this blog, with this also the blog post about stack creation.

The only resource I know is the App from Doobox an the video Tutorial and Documentation for this one.


Hope this helps you

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Temporary link:

Please make a contribution if you find it useful. I took it down because some of the information is not relevant to Stacks 3 and it was becoming too much of a support liability!

I would also recommend you bookmark the Stacks API:

And see if you can get hold of a copy of the OMG Controls! stack. That provides an excellent working example of all the custom controls available in the latest version of stacks. Lots of code to duplicate and reuse in your own projects.



Thanks @webplus, appreciate the reply.



Hi Will, thanks a million for the link and suggestion! I’ll be working through it over the coming weeks and will certainly make a contribution.



Sorry @willwood l, I’ve searched for the OMG Controls stack you mention but couldn’t find even a mention of it. Could you point me in the right direction please? I’d really appreciate it.


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Thanks so much @willwood!