[Feature Request] Stacks 3: Selected Partials Outline color

The partials feature of Stacks is great, but sometimes I think it might be nice if partials (when selected) highlighted the outline in green (like they are colored in the library) instead of blue. I think it would be a good quick visial reminder that you have selected a partial and not a non partial stack.


good idea – i’ll give it a try and see how it looks.


Since I use almost only stacks to built all my sites it would be more useful to create the ability to name the used stacks on a page. Some pages contain a lot of stacks and it’s often unclear what stack I have to select when I want to change it’s content.

Couldn’t you turn them into partials, thereby being able to name them? If I have that issue I will group several stacks together and turn them into a partial, that way I can name them. Header, footer, etc etc

that features been on our To-Do list since before Stacks 3.0 – it’s still there. and i still think it’s a good idea. just haven’t quite got around to it yet. :wink:


You know what I would love? I use a Wacom tablet and sometimes when I go to select a partial, it opens, then my all my pages with that partial need to be republished. Can I lock a partial? or is that something you’d be able to do?

Tell me if this is impossible… I love coming up with things that can’t be done lol

not currently possible, but i’ll put in on the list. thanks for the suggestion.

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