Stacks 3 criticism

Good day.

I really like the new look and features of Stacks 3. I upgraded as soon as it was available.

The only thing I can see that could maybe be incorporated in a future update is the way it handles showing the stacks by Author.

I like to look at my stacks by Author, but I don’t like to see every stack by every author. Its a pain to scroll through all stacks by all authors to find one I want by just one specific author.

What would be nice is if the authors could be closed up like in Stacks 2. Then when you get to the author you want, click on it to open and see their stacks and then close it again when done.

The other thing is that some stacks are listed with the Author, they are just general or miscellaneous. But I know that is not a Stacks 3 issue, that is an issue with the Author not giving the correct setup/info.

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Yeah, I noticed that, too. Sometimes, I have stacks grouped by Author with some stacks listed as members of that group while other stacks (made by the same Author) are listed in the group named Unknown. That results in stacks I’m interested in scattered all over. Indeed, Stacks in version 2 were better organized.

I tried to make my own groups/categories, but it doesn’t work for me (or, I don’t know how to do it properly).

all good feedback. always room for improvement. thanks.

What I also miss:
Where is the option to create user stacks?

I think, that feature is now better implemented as Partials?

We renamed “user stacks” to “partials” – and injected them with about a billion more features along the way. “Partial” is what most other apps/platforms call these sorts of things – the new name helps those coming from other platforms get their bearings faster.

The new features help them to be more awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll put this one here as I don’t think it deserves a separate thread:

yesterday I (finally) uninstalled some old stacks I wasn’t using anymore
so far so good. just…noticed afterwards that all their templates are still in place :-/

EDIT: just noticed both “Uninstall” and “Show in Finder” are grayed out for Templates :frowning:

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@pl_svn: that sounds like a bug. i’ll file it.

i do try to read all these forum threads – but it’s easy to miss things – if you have solid bug like this you can always file it directly and i’ll be sure to get it (and think you’re the most awesome person in the world).

here’s the bug i filed. you can follow along as i fix it if you like:



thanks Isaiah

tried creating an account at GitHub in order to provide details but… “email is invalid or already taken” :-/
(never had an account over there and triple checked I didn’t mistype my email)

anyway: “Uninstall” and “Show in Finder” are grayed out in Stacks 3 just for Templates (not for Stacks too)
for sure this happens once the Stack they were installed by has already been uninstalled

I f I understood your video, Partials is not a replacement for user stacks, this argument makes no sense to me. If I create a partial, is just available in this project and not for other projects.

That is true, BUT, you can easily COPY one partial from one project and PASTE it in another project. Not too hard.

It is true. They are quite different.

I’ll be honest, we got a lot of feedback about User Stacks. They were, to put it kindly, not exactly easy to use.

One of the biggest challenges was that user stacks were bound to a specific computer. Syncing them via DropBox, backing them up via Time Machine, and collaboration were all very difficult.

We made two main changes: they’re editable – and move them into the document to making sharing, syncing, and backup trivial. This does mean some change in workflow – but I’m quite confident that if you give it time you’ll think the benefits outweigh those changes.

However, I also don’t think we’re done. We’re totally open to tweaks and ways that we can improve these – perhaps even bringing back a few specific user-stack-like features for the few, the proud, the folks that were able to use them (both of you!). :stuck_out_tongue:

Joking aside, please do make suggestions. If you’d like I even keep an open bug/feature tracker. You can feel free top post directly there:


There seem to be a lot of stacks that got moved under the “Unknown” Author category. Am I able to assign them their proper authors? For example several PaySnap (Yabdab) stacks are under Unknown as well as a bunch of BootSnap stacks. Also what does -Legacy attached to a stack mean? i.e. I have Masonry Bricks - Legacy and under SeyDesign I have Masonry Bricks. Is the legacy an older version that did not get updated? Can it be safely uninstalled?

Are any of the ones moved to Unknown incompatible with Stacks 3 and that’s why they were moved there?

Stacks moved to the unknown area were moved there mainly because the developer has not updated it to to be put in the correct area.

Now, Legacy (or deprecated) stacks are usually there for users who might have a project that already has a set up that the new version of the stack would break. So the developer keeps the old stack so those users will not have to remake that stack in their project file, UNLESS they want the new goodies that the new stack offers. Joe did this in the upgrade from Stacks 2 to Stacks 3 with his Foundation theme and stacks. The new stacks have new goodies that would break people’s usage of the old stacks and he did not want users to completely have to remake their sites, unless it was their choice to get the new goodies.

Hope this makes sense.

@jody, Zeebe pretty well, explained this. But since there are a number of threads in the forum with this question, I’ve placed the answer here:

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