Feature Request


I would like to ask for a couple of feature:

  1. Please add Php as one of the options in Plist for the “Type”. Currently there are only 3 that I am aware of (Colour, Stylesheet, and Javascript).
    Allowing a Php style would allow us developers to add any number of features to a theme where php is desired.

  2. Related but different … I would like to see when a .php file is included in the RWCopyFiles array that it should also parse the RW macros (%site_title%, %site_slogan%, etc …)

This would allow developers to build a theme with more than one layout or including some styles or scripts or leave them out …
Even in the current environment, we can show/hide elements and use javascript to manipulate the DOM tree, this often comes at the expense of load speed … allowing an included php file to parse RW macros would go a long way to making theme development go to another level.

Anyway, I hope that you would consider these requests.


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Good suggestions, I think this and more will be possible with RapidWeaver 8, will keep you posted!