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I know there are some issues with RSS feed stacks recently, but I am struggling to get the new Feed stack (1.3) to work at all in preview.
It seems to be theme specific - works in some and not others
Can anybody give a heads up??

Not working for me in Foundation at all (1.3, today)

I have tried to contact Yuzool support, but nothing back yet. Rapid Ideas News Grid works better in most of the themes, but I also like the look of Feed…hoping someone can come up wit a solution???

Thanks @pigglypots and @dudeneyge - we are aware and will update to 1.3.1 this week :slight_smile:

As you can see from the other thread RSS Factory and other news feeds not working - help! we also had to scramble as Google shut down their API access so doing our best to get this sorted.

As an aside @pigglypots I checked tickets before I went to bed and we had zero outstanding and now is lunch time here so you must have sent it in overnight… sorry about that :sweat_smile:

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@pigglypots & @dudeneyge —> just pushing out a 1.3.1 update to Feed Stack via Sparkle. It should all be set up within an hour and fixes compatibility with themes such as Foundation, bootstrap, Foundry and any that weren’t working before …

Cheers! :sunglasses:


Released!!! :tada:

Thanks for your bug reports on this issue


Working fine in Foundation now - quick work - thank you.

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Yes it is … but that’s probably Foundation overwriting them. We can add overwrites or go to the title tag option dropdown, select H1-H3 and then style from your Foundation settings. That is the most consistent with your site design :slight_smile:

Let me know if that suits…

@yuzool Michael, just got the 1.3.1 update to Feed, working fine except in Firefox (even works fine in Chrome Canary), it enlarges Blogger photos to full site width, in all other browsers it works fine ie: responsive Box type format - any ideas?

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Thanks @DaveFox Fix for Firefox ready for 1.3.2 :slight_smile:

Coming soon!

Also in 1.3.2 @dudeneyge - the title will work fine in Foundation theme with any Title Tag selected :slight_smile:

Slow down, man - you’re making us dizzy!

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Haha :stuck_out_tongue: It’s out via Sparkle :wink:

@yuzool Perfect, works a treat, many thanks for fantastic response!

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I just want to express my appreciation to @yuzool for Feed Stack. I have cycled through pretty much every RSS stack option, before finally arriving at Feed Stack.

It worked perfectly. It was easy to configure and very fast to update. All the other services seem to rely on a Yahoo back end which has not been reliable for me.

The Feed Stack worked, and it even supports SSL feeds which helps ensure my entire site can be rendered through https.

If you want to see how I have deployed it, I’ve got it running at https://andrewcanion.com/