URGENT: RSS-stack wanted

I need very quickly an simple RSS stack that actually does work.

(I have 7-8 old RSS-stack made of Joe Workman - but no-one works anymore.)

inStacks Software once had RSS Widget 2 - but… its gone

Try feedslider from Will Woodgate, don’t own it but doesn’t seem to rely on any external services

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Why do you say it stopped working?
What RW version, stacks version, Theme, OS are you using?
Would be helpful.

Thx. FeedSlider works very fine!

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Dont work anymore. Dont show content in feed. Dead. Completely.

RW 8.2.1
Stack 3.5.7
Theme Stream 2.1

Joe’s RSS stack relied upon Yahoo’s RSS service which shutdown in January this year.

I’ve just put together a very simple stack that reads an RSS feed and makes each post’s values (for things like title, description, etc) available. You can specify how you want the posts displayed using tokens, which can be placed in stacks in the drop zone. It also supports a drop zone that you can use to specify what you want displayed if the feed is unavailable.

The stack and a demo RapidWeaver project are available here:

A few screenshots are included below.

I’ve only had a chance to test the stack with a few RSS feeds, but it appears to be working properly. And needless to say, I don’t have documentation on it yet. So if you have any questions, or run into any problems, please let me know.

I hope you find the stack helpful.

~ Tim :man_technologist:


I am still using this, but It looks as though the developer is not active.

Superduper! :slight_smile:

I works very fine! Thx :slight_smile:

That’s good news. I’m glad it’s working for you.

I’ll work up some documentation for the stack in a few days. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions, questions, or other feedback, please let me know.


~ Tim

Thanks for posting :wink:

Hi Tim,
is there a simple way to include the image of an entry plus a few lines of text? I am really looking for a working RSS feed with that additional material.


Sure - I can add support for additional RSS values.

Do you know of a feed that has an image in it? Is there one in particular that you are hoping to work with?

~ Tim

Try thaivisa.com

Thanks timdietrich This is a great stack, very useful.

I am using Yuzool’s “Feed” RSS stack on this website: http://pro-homine.at/, but I would like to be able to import also a certain number of text characters. Furthermore, depending on the number of words in the title there is a white frame below the photo imported which I can’t get rid of… I used the newsgrid stack that was working really nicely until Yahoo changed its API or whatever…
Thanks for your help.

I did an “RSS” Search in my Stacks Library. I’m wondering if all these Joe Workman RSS stacks are now kaput???

Please advise if you know.



Unfortunately yes, see the post further up.

There’s also the RSS Newsroom stack released last week:

I can’t get either SimpleRSS or the Newsroom stack to work. I went to an online HTML creator for code to embed the RSS feed, and I used that in an HTML stack. That worked.