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I am trying to use the Yuzoolthemes RSS Feed Stack on the Home Page. Whilst the RSS feed appears correctly when viewed on a desktop, when viewed on a mobile device, such as iPhone or iPad, the page menu disappears. I have isolated the problem to the Feed Stack (when it is removed, everything works as it should). I have also noticed that this is not a problem when the Stack is placed on a non Home Page - the menu appears on mobile devices correctly. I have contacted the developers for advice, but so far no response. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get this Stack to work on a Home Page, or can suggest any other Stack that would be better? Thanks

What theme is it @barryuk?
Can you share a link?
If it is breaking the homepage, it should be breaking the other pages too.
Am sure it’s an easy fix :slight_smile:


I am using the Cinema Theme on http://thecanaryislander.com http://thecanaryislander.com/. In desperation, I am now using another RSS product from another developer, which works without any issues.

Originally, I would liked to have used Feed, but you can see what happens on the test page here: http://bmiac.eu http://bmiac.eu/. When the Home Page is viewed on a mobile (iPhone or iPad) the menu disappears. On my main page, there are many other stacks that might be causing the problem, but when I delete Feed from the Home Page, there were no issues. Similarly on the test page, Feed is the only stack present. It would be good to have a fix. Thanks.

It seems there might be a clash with the JS in Feed + Cinema theme.
Who makes Cinema theme? I can’t find it…:

Let me know and I can test with the developer…

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Hi Michael
Thank you for your attention to this. The excellent cinema theme is made by One Little Designer - contact Jon Meadows. However, when testing, the problem also occurs with the Bravo theme. I suspect that the problem is with the Feed Stack and little to do with themes. Maybe it is selective as to which ones it will work with?

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Slightly off-topic but an observation - I found the main menu very hard to use because it folds over onto a second line and the two get in each other’s way when the drop-down sub-menus appear. I wonder if you might be better off using a different menu approach? Maybe some sub menus on landing pages or a meg-menu?

Just a thought.


Yes Rob, you are right. I had noticed it, but frankly wasn’t sure what to do about it. Can you recommend any appropriate stacks/solutions? I need the menu on each page as folk come at it from different sources. Many thanks for your advice.

Hi Michael,

I’d also like to try to use the RSS Feed stacks on the homepage of your site. But first I have to buy it - but now it’s only offered as part of a huge stack of stacks for $ 49 … I would therefore like to ask Michael:

1 / Is it possible to buy this stacks separately? And how?
2 / Can I show with this stacks just 1 item from the RSS feed?

If there was at least a demo to try it out …! (Such as stacks4stacks.com)

Thank You!

Is there anything to stop you from having one main menu item called ‘The Islands’ and then having Gran Canaria, Tenerife etc as sub-menus off of that? Then on those individual island pages that currently have their own sub-pages, you could have a side menu or use a tab stack or accordion stack or something.


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Thank you for the suggestions, Rob. I will be working on it. I appreciate your comments.

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Thanks @barryuk will take a look :slight_smile:

I’ll send you a message @MT3 about that
And yes - just set it to 1 item


Thank you Michael - I understand.

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