Feedburner Armadillo Equivalent?

Is there anything like Feedburner for my Armadillo blog navigation. Or even to sit just underneath the stack?


My understanding is FeedBurner is pretty well dead. Google shut down the API years back.
What feature(s) of FeedBurner were you wanting?
If I recall correctly its main features included, RRS feed management, and email subscriptions.

It’s a while since I implemented it last, so I’m not surprised. Maybe what I mean is how does Armadillo RSS feed work? I remember Feedburner sending an email every time the old Blog was updated to subscribers, and that’s what I’m looking for now. The Armadillo RSS feed just appears to download a page of code (in Safari anyway)??

I don’t know much about RRS other than I think it now requires a separate reader(RSS aggregator programs) for the user to use. I know a lot of the email services (MailChimp, etc.) offer blog kind of subscriptions, but I have never used them.
Someone else who might have more experience should chime In.

There’s a bit in the Armadillo manual that might help you the RSS feed http://docs.nimblehost.com/armadillo#settings-configuration-1430

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