Armadillo Blog - Social Sharing and RSS issues

I’m probably missing something simple but have run out of ideas and am now seeking help.

I set up a blog on my personal website (Kilburnlad) and after a couple of false starts now have a fully functional Armadillo blog.

My personal web site domain includes a web space hosting package and I’ve recently created an add-on domain for a new site for my daughter, where I have also included an Armadillo blog page that she can update. So far so good.

However, a couple of things are causing me problems…

The first is regarding Social Sharing. I created a Facebook share button using the ShareThis site and copied the code into the Armadillo Social Sharing input box. Now, for each site, I have a Facebook share button on the blog page and on each post page. However, when I click it on my site, I get summary details of the specific blog, whereas on my daughter’s site I only get a reference to the blog page title, with no summary details. Note that the share from her site refers to Kilburnlad, which may be a clue to what’s happening.

The second issue is in regard to the RSS feed. When I enabled it on my daughters site the generated .rss file appeared in the same Armadillo folder as the .rss file for my site. However, when I created blog navigation on her site (with the Armadillo Blog Navigation stack) the resulting RSS feed pointed to a .rss file within the addon domain files, where no such file existed. I moved the generated file manually but unsurprisingly it doesn’t update when I add posts.

Is the fact that it’s an add-on domain causing these issues or am I doing something wrong?

Any ideas would be welcomed.

(By the way, the blog page is hidden on her site at the moment while I’m experimenting.)