File links relative... or not. SOLVED!

My website has links relative to website address selected in the settings.

But I want to link to my paypal buttons and paypal .me.

Is there a way to shift that “relativity” on a link by link basis or will I have to shift in the settings? But then I’d need to understand what DOCROOT means.

Then, if I change the settings, do the links automatically change or do I need to do that by hand?

OOHHH, I think I may have the answer. If I use the full website address in the set link window, then it seems to work. I haven’t published it to find out. Am I on the right track?

Thanks for helping!!

If you set up the link to a full URL (https: // ) then it should go to that address.

The settings you are talking about are for internal (navigation) links.

Thanks Doug!!!