RW7.2.1 Preferences>Advanced

RW 7.2.1. (Sierra 10.12.2)

In Preferences>Advanced - File Links Are - would someone please explain the meaning of/difference between (1) Relative to Website Address, (2) Relative to DOCROOT, (3) Relative to Page

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Google “Relative Links” and you will get more info that you can read…

Well, that’s usually the problem. Too much info, lol!

I wish Realmac would provide a succinct explanation on these options.

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If you set this to [quote=“mog1, post:1, topic:11803”]
(1) Relative to Website Address

Each link will have a full http:// or https:// address.
This will require the web server to perform an additional http get.

Will generate address based on what directory on the web server is on.
So a link from a directory (folder) will be generated to link to another folder(page) without the http request.
This method is probably the most common used as it uses less overhead on the web server.[quote=“mog1, post:1, topic:11803”]
(2) Relative to DOCROOT

uses links with addresses starting at the Docroot of your server and would probably rarely used.

So I would suggest you use [quote=“mog1, post:1, topic:11803”]
(3) Relative to Page

Of course like everything test it.

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If you use the RW page link tool then the link is created and output in the html/php page as specified by the option setting. If you manually enter a url link then it does nothing. Your link is as you enter it.

The typical setting is “Relative to Page.” If you don’t know why you would need it relative to Web address or relative to docroot then use Relative to page.

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None the wiser, but thank you anyway.

Will use Relative to Page.

me too. The documentation on the software is insufficient.