Filename visible

Can anyone tell me how to hide the used image names on my site?
I am just a rookie RW user so it probably is very simple to solve.

What type of page are you using, and how did you put the images on the page?

Hi, i used the engineer theme and inserted the image from my photo gallery.

The filename is coming from the Caption. BTW, the theme you’re using is Tesla, not Engineer.

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Thanks. I do not have the Tesla theme installed but anyway, how can I get rid of the file names being published? Cheers:ok_hand:


The theme is Tesla, it’s included with RapidWeaver.
I asked what type of page you are using, not what theme anyway is it styled text, Markdown, stacks etc. also what version of RapidWeaver are you using? And how did you place the image on the page(drag and drop)?

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