SEO Problem On All PHOTO Pages - This Affects All of Us!

Hello all! I am trying to figure out HOW TO NAME each image in a photo page in Rapidweaver. The problem is that any particular image on a photo page, no matter how it is named, gets its name changed to a standard name by Rapidweaver. This is terrible for SEO.

I thought this was a problem with my theme, but apparently it is a Rapidweaver problem that affects all of us. So I am hoping someone has resolved this already and can help us all out.

Let me give you an example. In the image below, you see the names of the photos are things like “15-gold-strapless-dress.jpg” and “12-vivian-cruz-bikini-supermodel.jpg”:

So those are the names I would like to have in the code for SEO purposes. But Rapidweaver changes these image names to things like: “page0-1000-full.jpg”

You can see the code for yourself on this sample page that I am working on for a client:

Obviously having names like “page0-1000-full.jpg” is disastrous for SEO purposes and just flat bad design. Certainly there has to be a way where we can control what the name of the image is as well as the ALT text, like we can on any other image we post with Rapidweaver.

Does anyone know the solution? Help!

I think the user came here for a solution rather than an opinion. At least you could give the user some reasons for your opinion. Otherwise, why bother replying?

There is no way to change this behavior.

I just wanted to make clear that not everything, which isn’t 100% SEO compliant, is also a real “issue”.

You didn’t make anything clear at all in your original comment.

I haven’t used the RW Photo Album for a long time - better options out there. However, I think you are correct in your observations and the best that can be done is to add captions and add a general description for the gallery.

Other stack based options offer the ability to add description tags and use original file names.

Hopefully someone more knowledgable haas a better solution

The Rapidweaver photo page has done this image name change since it was invented. Yes, it is not good for SEO. In my opinion it is not worth using the built-in photo page for that reason alone. There are many other, more full-featured options available from various developers that do not change the name. It costs extra, but worth it.

Thank you everyone for your feedback. Now I know that this can’t be done. I figured there must have been a solution from Realmac, but apparently not. My best guess is that they never bothered to update it since there are so many good image gallery stacks out there.

However, it would be great for them to make this minor update. I can’t imagine it would be too difficult to update the behavior of rapidweaver to simply take the NAME of the image and make that the name, and take the text in the CAPTION and make that the alt text.

Thanks again!

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