Banner image stumper in Tesla

I have two projects using duplicated Tesla themes. RDPSD displays the correct banner when I choose it in the page inspector, but SaskRentals displays the MacBook default “banner_1_medium.jpg” file even though I have replaced it with my own image.

The files are the same size as the originals (1024x768 for medium and 480x360 for small) and I replaced them both. I tried exporting the file using Pixelmator, and with Preview as a jpg file and neither works. I have restarted both RW and my Mac, but nothing makes the image show up.

Any ideas why?


Since you have duplicated the Theme, perhaps your images should go in the banners folder? But just going by your images, I actually have NO idea where you are in your folder structure…

To properly duplicate a theme, you must first duplicate it at the source. Open Finder, Choose Applications, Rick-click on RapidWeaver and choose Show Package Contents.

Navigate to where the image shows below to find the source theme (Path shown at bottom of image)

You can duplicate your Theme here by right clicking it and choose duplicate, give it a unique name.

Now, in the duplicated Theme, right click and choose Show Package Contents and insert your images that overwrite the default Theme images in the images folder as per the image below (Please note that I did not duplicate the Theme, but this is how you do it…)

  • You may have to restart RapidWeaver for it to see the duplicated Theme properly.

Now you can build your site out using the customized Theme when you set it as the Project Theme inside RW.

  • Now, with all that being said, it is not suggested that you ever duplicate a Theme, but instead use your resources or another method of inserting custom images into the Theme. The reason is that when a Theme is updated you will lose all changes that you overwrote in the Theme Package and if you have duplicated the Theme, the Theme update will not get updated to the current version that may include important fixes…

Hope that helps

Why are you doing this so?
Your themes are not in the right place for RapidWeaver.
Duplicate the theme in RapidWeaver by right-clicking, as @Turtle already wrote.
It is very easy to use its own banner image in Tesla.

Put the picture in the resources and link with CSS code, and all is ok. Try it :wink:

header { background-image: url(%resource(your-image.jpg)%); }

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@Turtle Brad, I had done all that, and the theme showed up and I did replace the image in the banners folder as per the 2nd photo (you might not have scrolled all the way down to see that). So thanks for the detailed instructions though! :slight_smile: (I wish I had indicated there was another photo to save you that!)

@Oscar I like this idea even better. I’m very weak at code, but will hang on to this snippet. Thank you kindly.