Files and folders created by Rapidweaver uploaded to cPanel

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Please forgive my newbieness on this topic. When RW uploads a site to the cPanel of the hosting site, is there a document somewhere that explains what these files and folders are and where they go? I’m one of the people who totally relies on RW to handle the publishing backend. However, now I want to delete some old sites. It all looks a little confusing when I peer inside.

Hope this makes sense and grateful for any information.


One of the best ways to learn is to publish your site to a local folder. Start by selecting a page in the page pane (on the left) then right click and publish just one page to a local folder. Start with your home page. Then examine the local folder to see what has happened. Keep doing this for your site, publishing locally one page at at time, and you’ll quickly learn what is happening.

Note that you may have “non RapidWeaver” files on your server too. htaccess files, log files, error files, validation files, etc. When you do get to the point where you start deleting make sure you know what it is you are deleting and have a backup image of your entire server including all non-RW files.

Another option to learn- publish certain pages/sections of your site and then look at the timestamps on your server to see which files were updated.

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Thanks so much @1611mac. I very much appreciate the information and direction. Thanks for taking the time to write.

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