Findabilyty and ranking of website by place

Hello an acquaintance of mine has a website in workwear in the netherlands, he performs it with a simple solution look at the i in the browser on place to be able to search.

If you enter the capital of the province and you search for example on workwear Amsterdam, then he is always on top in the google search.
Can we also apply this trick in RapidWeaver?
With more towns?
Who knows how?
look to this url

Not for me, doesn’t show up at all on the first 3 SERPs for Google or DuckDuckGo.

Of course, I’m in the Western United States. You see search results will vary depending on the location and even the history of the searcher.

There are no tricks to getting high rankings on SERPs, many Rapidweaver sites do well. There are lots of best practices that can help, but it’s mostly about good original well-organized content.

There are different practices for local search results compared to regional or Worldwide results.

There are countless sites and books on the subject, as well as companies that “specialize” in SEO. Be aware that more ripoff companies are trying to sell you SEO tricks, that don’t work.

Start here I found MOZ to be a pretty reputable source:

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