🔍 The RapidWeaver SEO Course — learn how to rank higher on Google and increase traffic!

Hello Weavers!

We’ve just released The RapidWeaver SEO Course16 video tutorials dedicated to improving your RapidWeaver site’s SEO. There’s nearly 5 hours of practical RapidWeaver SEO advice to help your site rank higher on google and increase your traffic.

We cover all the fundamentals of SEO and advanced topics such as HTTPS, caching, structured data, content optimisation, and more!

Here’s a few highlights of what you’ll learn:

:heavy_check_mark: SEO Fundamentals
:heavy_check_mark: Creating SEO Friendly Content
:heavy_check_mark: RapidWeaver’s SEO Features
:heavy_check_mark: SEO Tools & Analysis
:heavy_check_mark: HTTPS & Caching
:heavy_check_mark: Social Integration
:heavy_check_mark: Blogging Techniques
:heavy_check_mark: Keyword Research

You can purchase this course as a one off (including a detailed PDF and the RapidWeaver project file used throughout the course) from the RapidWeaver SEO Course page. Or, if you’re a RapidWeaver Community subscriber, all the videos are included in this series.

I’ve spent countless hours planning and recording this course, all so you guys can improve your RapidWeaver site’s SEO. I really hope you find these videos useful :slight_smile:


What theme did you use in order to build the demo site?

@chet Looks like it’s Foundry from elixir graphics

$99 - $129 :astonished:
Best of luck with that one

It’s the Voyager Pro theme from Elixir — all the addons used are mentioned in the first video :slight_smile:



Don’t understand why a company based in Brighton, England (UK) should price what is promoted as a very useful product in US dollars. I’d like to buy but shall wait until the exchange rate improves. Currently $99 would be £75.39. I have in mind around £50, could be a long wait!

Bought this course as a one off and have just finished it. Covers the basics & I learned a few simple to fix things that I’ve been doing wrong for several years like having clean and descriptive URLs. The later parts of the course cover more advanced aspects like HTTPS & Caching all very useful.

For someone like me who has a beginner / hobbyist level of knowledge of SEO it’s been great I’d recommend it.


Thanks for the feedback Jamie, really glad that the course was helpful :slight_smile:

Are your courses easy enough to follow with RW6?

The SEO course uses a couple of RapidWeaver 7 specific features, such as banner images, SEO Health Check, and we have changed how you add certain meta tags in RapidWeaver 7, for example: we now have a dedicated description meta tag box in the Page Inspector — in RW6 you’d need to manually create the meta tag.

Apart from that, all the information provided is applicable to any website, no matter if it’s built in RW6, RW7, or something else!

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply Ben. What about the commerce course?
Also, on your website, it’s asking for dollars, when you’re based in Brighton. In the wake of BREXIT, will this not make products more expensive for your fellow countrymen? :wink:



FYI both video courses are also available as a Paid subscription to the RapidWeaver community.
about $10 a month for both video series and a bunch more. You can cancel at anytime.


Interesting! Thanks for that.

As I mentioned in the original post, you can either purchase the course as a one-time payment and you get to keep the videos. Or you can subscribe monthly to the community site, where you can watch the videos online, but you don’t get to keep them.

We did this as some people love subscriptions and don’t mind not being able to keep a copy, and others never subscribe and only ever want a one-time payment where they get to keep the content forever.

The choice is yours :slight_smile:

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Thanks but you missed my other questions :slight_smile:

Hi, if you buy the course what will happen in the case of updates as SEO is changing a lot these days as I don’t want to buy something that’s out of date in a short time. That’s my concern or is the subscription the way to go and as the course is already a year old it is out of date already?

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