Fixed height columns in Foundation?

I’ve been trying to get my columns to be the same height. I’ve checked the equaliser options in the columns, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Any suggestions would be great.



There will be many suggestions, one from me

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the suggestion, but I think that you can do it within the Foundation Stacks themselves, so I was hoping to understand how to do that rather than purchase a new stack.

I also think that there’s a way of doing it with BWD stacks, but they seem to have exceeded their bandwidth at the moment, so I can’t check their tutorial pages :frowning:

BWD Sections Equalize Height

The Foundation Equalizer will match the height of Foundation columns - it is just that they are transparent so probably won’t see it it. If you are wanting to equalize a visible background color for example then you need to equalize a content stack, such as a Panel, SectionsPro or Sections Box

Here is an example using SectionsBox - just set the Equalize Height setting to Foundation and turn it on for the column as well.


Extremely kind Andrew - thank you!

Is that a Rapidweaver 8 file? I haven’t upgraded from 7 yet and I can’t seem to preview - it just comes up with a blank screen?

No, it’s a RW7 file. Give me 5 mins and I’ll check it from the download link

Thank you - it’s fine in edit mode, but I can’t see it in preview (either RW internal or external cmd+p)

That’s strange, It works fine for me…

Have you got SectionsBox and ProStyles installed?

Yes - I have all of your stacks - not sure what’s going on? I’ll try and reboot RW to see if that does anything.

I have had 2 other people test it and they have both reported to me that it is working fine with screenshots the same as mine

I wish I knew what was going on. I’ve just tried to download the file on my MacBook and have been unable to do so in Safari. I managed to download it in Firefox, but get the same result. All my stacks are up to date and Rapidweaver is up to date?

If anyone has any suggestions I could try, I’d be grateful to hear them :cry: :

Works for me here in RapidWeaver 7

It works, kind of, but when I turn the first column’s Equalize Height to off?

Though it seems to cut off some of the text from the third column. I don’t suppose this provides any light bulbs for anyone?

It would appear that if I don’t turn on “Equalize height” for the tallest column then it works as required. Does that make sense?

@Bazza there is something very strange going on with your installation. 5 separate people have checked this now and it works OK so I think its safe to say we need to get to the bottom of what is different on your machine.

Could you publish a couple of test pages, one as per my file with no modifications and one with the EQ turned off in the first column (which should not work at all).

If you could put a line of text above and below the columns it would help - particularly on the page where they don’t show up at all.

Let me know the url and I’ll take a look.

Hi Andrew. this is a link to the project

Here’s link to the same page but with the third column’s Equalize height turned off

And here’s the page I want the Equalize Height function to work on. In each row, the longest column has the feature turned off.

Seems all fine to me - I’m guessing that you have a cache that needs clearing somewhere.

Have to agree with Andrew, both /page/ and /page-3/ look the same to me… Do you have any extensions turned on in Safari???

Here are some screenshots: looks like this:

And looks like this:

You can see the URLs in the screenshots.