Matching Height of Columns

I am using RW 8 and Joe Workman’s Match Height stack.

Want two columns to be the same height, but it doesn’t seem to work.

I have a test project ready to upload if anyone wants to take a look and maybe shed some light on what I am not doing correctly.

Link to the test file is : ColumnTest File


link is 404

Sorry - entered link wrong.

New Link is correct.

If you select the foundry columns stack and select ‘equal height columns’ then provide a background color for each of the cols, you’ll see that they are indeed the same height:

Furthermore if you then take that columns stack out of the JW Match height you’ll see they remain equal height without being enclosed in the Match Height stack - the Foundry stack can do this by itself.

I suspect that what you are looking for is the content inside to more aligned?


What I am looking for is the line at the bottom of the column to be even - I thought it would be if I equalized the height of the columns. Maybe I just need to place that line somewhere else?

Unless you target the line to the bottom of it’s parent (column) it will end up relative to the content above it. I prefer the aesthetic without it; what does it add?

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I give it a try with the line - but at that point I don’t need the equal height columns


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